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The Good News About Jesus
Is Good News For Daily Living!


You Are Invited To Sardis Presbyterian Church!
Come Learn About The Gifts God Has For YOU,
And For Folks In Panola County And Beyond . . . Grace, Mercy and Peace


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Latest News

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What You’ll Find When You Visit

Come worship with us. We try to keep the atmosphere simple but we also want to engage in true worship. We want our sermons to be relevant to the day, but we focus on preaching the Bible, not the news. Come in and get some southern love, and some words of grace!
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Reaching Beyond Our Walls

A church should not be bound by its walls, and the community should not be bound by who always comes on Sunday. We try to make our message and our fellowship reach beyond traditional boundaries in Mississippi, believing that the Lord was serious when He said in Revelation, “People from every tribe tongue and nation.”
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Coming Up?

Check out our calendar
to see what’s happening in the
days and months ahead.[/vc_column_text]VIEW OUR CALENDAR

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We Invite You to Join Our Community Forum

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