Pastor Steve gives us a challenge for the new year: Believe the promise of God that our size does not matter, but His does. God calls us to rebuild the Church like He called the Exiles to rebuild the wall and the temple. He says to them, not by might and not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts.

He says to us today that we can – we should – we must – believe the same promise.

And, He says, even those who despair over small beginnings will rejoice when they see the flourishing of God’s kingdom arising from the victory of His plan.

Studying the Old Testament should always bear fruit for believers. Sometimes preachers get in the way. Sometimes we think “that was three thousand years ago”. Or four or five. But the Word of god is living and active, and vibrant for His people today.

Today’s sermon draws parallels between the exiles who returned to Jerusalem some 2500 years ago, with orders to rebuild the wall around the City of Jerusalem, and to rebuild the city, and today’s struggling congregations in sdwindling rural communities and towns. Towns like Sardis MS. Communities like the Community of Grace at Sardis Presbyterian Church (PCA). Give this recording a listen,m and join us Sundays at 10:55 for worship. Dress comfortable.