Let’s “Do Holy” Together! (Luke 1:67)

We are called to BE holy and to DO righteously. That means our hearts are to be living righteously, so we are in the state of holiness, and our hands are to be doing holy deeds, so we are t=living holy lives. What does that mean? How are we to DO like Christians and...

Wondrous Love of Christ (Psalm 75)

This sermon on Psalm 75 reminds us of the awe-inspiring wondrous works that God is doing to recapture His people and rebuild their lives. AWE … like a sunrise, the promise that God is with us always, and will be the guiding light for our daily lives. Do you remember...

Reviewing the Psalms (Psalm 1 and more)

The Psalms are part of God’s Guidebook for our daily living.   This sermon reviews Psalm 1 and several other Psalms to end our series on the Poetry of God.

Just One More Thing, God (Psalm 73)

Psalm 73, A Psalm of Two Words Envy – one more thing – you always want more. What sins are contained in envy? What is the therapy for it?