Here are three key points from the Luke passage.

  1. Jesus taught on the Sabbath. Are you seeking to learn from Scripture on the Sabbath? Are you living by the power of the Holy Spirit during the week, serving the ministry of Christ? Are yoyu using the Scripture as part of your safe space? This is His model for us.
  2. Jesus cast out demons on the sabbath. Are you aware of the forces of darkness? Do you realize that, like Ephesians 6 says, we battle against the realm of darkness? Are you in prayer for yourself and others who are on the front lines of this mortal combat? This is also His model for us.
  3. Jesus healed on the sabbath. But he only healed when family intervened, brought Jesus to the sick mom, and asked for His help. Are you leading Christ into the lives of others? Are you praying for their healing? This too is His model for us.

Listen to Pastor Steve talk about these three points. We hope it blesses you.